UPDATE: My plans have changed a lot now, guys! Obviously I chose Popstar Ahri over Arcade Ahri, am not anywhere near close to finishing Jhin, and have not added Gentleman Gnar yet. I will revamp this section soon, but for now feel free to read through this horrifyingly embarrassing spiel.


I’m working on three costumes at the moment, with the order of priority below (also it’s super long so hold on to them hats):

1) D.VA (Overwatch)


Now, I’m not going to sit here and say that I’m an Overwatch fan. In fact, I don’t even play the game (*HORRIFIED GASPS*). The one time I did was for a minute or so while my boyfriend left mid game to help his mother with something. I was Reaper, and I teleported into two enemies. I died nearly immediately. I also seem to have had some sort of repressed memory with my good friend the FPS, because for the life of me I can’t aim for shit. Perhaps I always stole its lunch money.

So, why am I making a D.VA costume? Mostly it’s because her props look like a ton of fun to do and to practice all sorts of prop-making that I’ve never tried before (I’m looking at you, EVA foam). And, if I hadn’t already had two other projects I was working on, this costume honestly wouldn’t even be on this list. So consider it a sort of side project (while ignoring that it’s #1 on the priority scale).

2) JHIN (League of Legends)


Shrill screaming

Okay. I get this is going to be an unpopular opinion. I get this is not going to help me garner respect from all two of my readers (ty mum and dad), especially after the whole D.VA thing.


Okay, look. #1, I play LoL regularly. I get cranky if I don’t get at least one ARAM game in on a given day. Give me points for that (and no, screw ranked). #2, have you seen the way Jhin walks? He doesn’t walk! He’s above walking!!


Yeah I mean it’s extremely stressful when you’re running from an enemy (like EVERY TWO SECONDS COS HE HAS LIKE NO MOBILITY) and you’re on like 0.2 HP and the Olaf or who fucking ever is right behind you and Jhin is just sauntering along cos fuck that and you’re just like FFS RUN YOU SMUG LITTLE PIECE OF

So anyway, his walk is pretty cool. And the fact that his voice is just great. And just his poses, the way he wields his gun, YES.

So that’s where that’s going. I do have to say though, a lot of my cosplays are done on the fly, and I work with trial and error and rarely measure things (completely not because I’m lazy and impatient). So this is quite the pain for me, but totally worth it if I get to make a cosplay for my favourite LoL champion ever.
3) AHRI (League of Legends – Arcade skin)


Another confession: no, I don’t play Ahri. Never have; I rarely play mid. I’m a support main.

But for real, have you seen the Arcade Ahri skin?? How cool does that look?? So I’m totally doing that, although that’s way down on my list of priorities at the moment.


Growing up, my brother used to always tell me to ‘omg get to the point’ whenever I tell a story. Now my boyfriend does too (albeit in a nicer way). Guys, I’m beginning to think that I’m the problem.