Tl;dr Spotlight

Soraka, the Starchild

Tl;dr Lore

Originally a celestial being, Soraka is mortalised by the betrayal of a man called Warwick. She curses him and vows to heal and protect those in need in the mortal world.

Tl;dr Abilities

Passive – Salvation:

Run faster to nearby dying allies.


Q – Starcall

Mana Cost: The least

Range: Somewhat (810)

Cast a circle at target location. If it hits an enemy, they are slowed and Soraka gains health and movement speed away from enemy champions. Healing an ally gives them the same benefits.


W – Astral Infusion

Mana Cost: Somewhat, + some of your own health

Range: Meh (550)

Heal an ally at the cost of your own health.


E – Equinox

Mana Cost: The most

Range: A fair bit (925)

Circle at target location immediately silences and hurts enemies, and roots them after 1.5 seconds. Then, the root hurts them some more.


R – Wish

Mana Cost: 100

Range: Pretty massive as in the entire map massive (25000)

Instantly give health to every single allied champion no matter where they are, and the amount given increases the lower their health.



Get yourself a good old Ancient Coin and some pots.

Now, if you’re vsing a Blitzcrank, it’s absolutely vital that you flare – even if you don’t have the masteries – every time he misses his grab. Of course, if you do get grabbed, raqe quit. In a similar vein, if you’re vsing Thresh, quit at the loading screen.

If you’re vsing Janna, assert dominance by throwing more bananas at her than she throws whatever the hell she throws at you.

If you’re vsing another Soraka, flare to further assert dominance.


Sexiness level:

Let’s not get too weird here. Soraka has hooves and a unicorn horn, and purple skin. She’s kinda in that weird realm of not-animal-but-not-human, so it’s like – can you say she’s sexy without being weird about it?

But yes. She’s sexy.



Star Guardian Soraka is the only Soraka skin you should have.



Warwick – RIVAL: they pretty much hate each other but it’s totally understandable.


Karthus – RIVAL: legit no idea why. Because she didn’t get invited to join Pentakill?


Cosplay difficulty: 6/10

I’m going to cosplay Star Guardian Soraka someday, absolutely no question about it, but she’s not going to be the easiest to make. She has a giant horn on her forehead I have no idea how I’m going to attach (hmm, superglue), and hooves for feet. Hooves.

Aside from that, it’s pretty standard. No giant headpiece, no armour, but of course there’s that giant ass staff thing of hers. But I think it’s a pretty good trade-off.



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