Gentleman Gnar

Gentleman Gnar finished!

I finished him! This really has to be my favourite cosplay so far – he was truly the most fun to make, and wear!

For the fang, I used a cheap fake nail painted gold and cut into shape. I stuck it onto my tooth with denture paste. It wasn’t easy to talk, but that’s probably because the fang was so damn big!

So, a few things I’d have to change if I want to wear this costume to a convention: first, I’ll have to pin the hat down. The giant ears mess with it too much so it can barely sit there for longer than two seconds!


I’ll have to get actual contact lens (yes, I edited my eye colour!). 

Third, I’ll have to use better quality fake nails, and practice a bit till I find the right size, shape and position to stay put and still allow me to speak. 

Lastly, I’ll have to find a better way to stabilise the tail. It was fine the entire photoshoot, but I don’t trust my little belt contraption to stay put for a whole day of walking round and bumping into people.


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