Gentleman Gnar

Gentleman Gnar’s Waistcoat

Well, waistcoat-thingie. The purple thing!

I put this one off the longest, funnily enough. I’m not 100% sure why – maybe a part of it had to do with the fact it was such a minor detail no one would miss if I left out, but at the same time I felt like I’d be doing a disservice to Gnar if I didn’t add it in.


Honestly? It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be (but then again, that’s at the cost of a cleanly crafted article of clothing). Using my duct tape mannequin and my eyes – no patterns at all, which perhaps is not wise but ain’t nobody got time for that – I made 5 sections and sewed them all together. It turned out to be too tight at the bottom to button all the way down, so I just made one button. I’m sure I’ll live.

Here’s an obligatory picture of my beautiful duct tape mannequin:

Funny thing is, I ran out of black duct tape so I had to use red to cover up the arm, neck and torso holes. So it looks like blood!


Upon finishing this waistcoat and painting Gnar’s monocle (which I may go into more detail with later, once finished), I realised I’ve basically finished this costume! Really the only thing left to make is his large, fluffy tail, which I will talk more about later, and figure out a way to fix his monocle to my eye.


Have a great day, everyone!


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