Gentleman Gnar

Gentleman Gnar’s Tail and Eyes

I’ve decided it’s about time I started on Gnar’s tail. It intimidates me because it’s so big and fluffy, and I want it standing slightly upright and curling around me. I’ve got plenty of leftover fabric from the ears to create the tail (massively overestimated how much I’d need), so that’s good. 

I’m thinking it will be a good idea to make the stiff base using a wire coat hanger of some sort. Unfortunately, the only ones I own are of the plastic variety, so I’ll have to go out on a Great Search. But how hard can it be to find a wire coat hanger?

I think I’ll also cut the tail into a curved shape instead of forcing it into one. Let’s hope this works out!
As for his eyes, I was originally going to get blue contact lenses since they are a brilliant blue colour. However, I’m shortsighted and also have astigmatism in one eye, so I imagine colour contact lenses will cost a fair bit for me. I think I’ll edit my eyes blue for the meantime, and consider blue contacts for if I wear this costume to a convention.


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