Gentleman Gnar

Gentleman Gnar Skirt + Ears

I figured the easiest way to attach the giant ears was with a white headband. I actually struggled a lot  with this, and I may still not have done it correctly. Initially, I tried sewing felt to the base of the ears, then hot glued them to the headband. Unfortunately the hot glue immediately unstuck.

Then I tried something perhaps a little unorthodox: I wrapped masking tape round the areas I wanted the ears to glue to, hot glued on top of the tape, and stuck the felt-base to it.

I mean, it worked! I’ll have to give it a firmer base so it doesn’t flop around as much, maybe a wire slipped under the fold, but that can come later.
Next, I worked on the skirt. I decided on a tight office style (although it ended up more like a miniskirt), so using an existing skirt I whipped something up. It resembles a skirt! You can’t imagine how much I agonised over getting the closest colour to my blazer.

I sewed the bias tape on to make the stripes, and although they’re not perfectly even I’m happy with it (and also mostly lazy).


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