Gentleman Gnar

Gentleman Gnar’s Blazer

In my last post I talked about my overall troubles with Gnar’s blazer. In the end, I said I ordered a blazer off of Aliexpress and planned to sew stripes on using bias tape.


Unfortunately, I wasn’t forward-thinking enough. I forgot that because I would be sewing stripes onto a completed blazer, I would not be able to sew all the way down the sleeves. Ugh.

So the lilac thread was beautiful (and not cheap), and I couldn’t even use it. In the end, I took the laziest route and hot glued the bias tape on. DON’T JUDGE BECAUSE IT WORKED FINE ENOUGH!


I suppose I just won’t be washing this thing :/

Next, I’ll be getting a white headband to attach the beautiful giant ears to, and then I’ll be sewing the skirt (and maybe this time I’ll actually sew the bias tape on!). Let’s hope things go more smoothly from hereon out.




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