Gentleman Gnar

Gentleman Gnar’s Ears

Hey guys! I’ve been working on Gentleman Gnar recently, although I briefly fell into a bit of a rut what with final exams at uni. I decided it was about time I started writing in this blog again, so here I am to tell you about my overall plan with this cosplay, and on how I made his ears!

Initially, I sewed a blazer from scratch. Honestly I’m really not that great at sewing, but I was proud of what I created. Here’s my layered pattern below:


Unfortunately, I made a pretty dumb mistake after painstakingly sewing everything together 😦 I figured I’d paint on the pale blue-white stripes onto navy fabric, after the paint has been diluted with fabric medium. You can imagine how that went – layers and layers of paint, and all I have to show for it are ugly, streaky lines!

So that sad bunch of fabric sat on the deck for a few weeks before I finally binned it 😥

In the end, I ordered a navy blazer off of Aliexpress (which, by the way, is my absolute saviour in every aspect of my life but my wallet). I’ve decided that this time round I’ll use bias tape or something and sew the stripes on. Honestly don’t trust myself at this point.


Anyway! Onto the ears. These were pretty straightforward, really; I got some faux white fur and faux pink fur, and cut out 4 ear patterns – 2 for each ear. After sewing them together (with the back showing the right side with fur, and the front showing the wrong side with the net-ish material – trust me, it’ll make sense),  I folded inwards along the top edge to create more realistic ear dimensions, and hand-stitched that secure. Finally, I hot glued along the netted wrong side of the front of the ears, as you can’t exactly hot glue on fur, and smooshed the pink fur into it. And voila! You have giant, fluffy ears 😀


Until next time!


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