Popstar Ahri: Hat + Ears

If there’s one thing I’m not happy about with my costume, it’s how the hat and ears sit. I made the hat by buying a captain party hat and covering it in the lilac fabric used for the rest of the costume, with a silver bow and the heart decoration made out of polymer clay. But I feel like the hat is a bit big, and because the ears are attached to the hat I can’t tilt it for different poses etc.


Speaking of the ears, they were originally white faux fur that I coloured using acrylic paint mixed with a fabric medium and then heavily, *heavily* diluted with water. I basically got a sponge brush and got the slightest dab of colour in it so the fur wouldn’t mat. It still didn’t look great and I’m not fully happy with it but really, I’m not about to redo the whole thing.
Unfortunately I had the genius idea to prop them up to dry right next to the still-wet paint, so one toppled over and is forever matted in some areas as a never ending reminder of my mental capacity. But you know what? This is fine. Completely fine.

Popstar Ahri Hat

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