Popstar Ahri: Tube Top + Shorts

I’ll admit, functionally this one was a bit of a flop. The zipper is far too weak so it just falls back down over my chest, so I had to add in a safety pin.


For this one, I followed a helpful tutorial where the girl sewed the bottom layer of her blazer into the tube top, and I have to say it worked out really well. Remember to layer all of this with thicker fabric as well, otherwise it might lack in structure and quality.

Honestly, I worked with 0 patterns for this piece. I tried it out twice on scrap fabric before I was happy with the shape and did it on the final fabric. The longer tail part was really just trial and error but it looked okay in the end. Due to my failure there is a gap between the two tails where there should be another triangle of fabric, but really I just didn’t fix it before in my opinion it looked good that way!


For the shorts I just got a pair of tiny stretchy shorts I have never worn in my life and traced out a rough pattern (as a theme of mine, screw accuracy and measurements 🙂 ). It’s not perfect but really, who’s going to notice?


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