Popstar Ahri: Cropped Blazer

FullSizeRender (1)

It wasn’t an easy task trying to find the perfect stretch material + colour, but I eventually settled on a beautiful, lilac satin fabric with a very slight stretch. I was lucky enough to find someone selling 4.6m for just $34! The fabric I as originally going to use was $20 for 1m so that was a huge win for me.

I don’t sew. I love making props, but seeing involves measuring, which I hate, patterns, which I hate, and sewing. I’m just too impatient for all that so I just end up winging it and adjusting as I go along. It’s worked for this costume (note that I did wing on scrap fabric first, just with minimal measurements).
I used a bolero pattern, adjusting it slightly to make the collar area more defined etc. I also redid the sleeves so that they would fit more snugly on my arms. The collar itself was sewn separately and attached at the end, and the silver lining was just scrap fabric I sewed + hot glued for more awkward areas. Likewise, the tapered ends of the sleeves were sewn separately and just slipped over my hands.

This and the top were both sewn over a thicker, stretchy purple fabric to give it more structure and eliminate any transparency.

Overall, I’m happy with the blazer especially considering my very poor sewing skills. You’ll also probably have noticed that I didn’t add on the bottom layer of the blazer that is form fitting and longer. That will be explained in the next post!


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