D.VA’s gun 2 (and pauldrons!)

Just like the previous post, this is quite outdated, but don’t worry – I went on a bit of a hiatus from D.VA after working more on the gun, so not too much has happened since.

So the gun has been incredibly fiddly to make, and it didn’t help that I had never tried making anything as complex before. But hey, first time for everything! And it isn’t turning out too bad, although I should’ve gotten a proper silver spray paint instead of a cheap acrylic version from the local postshop. Oh well.


Today I decided to work more on D.VA’s ‘pauldrons’. I had already made the pauldrons by trying out EVA foam with my new heat gun for the first time (holy crap that thing is way bigger than I thought it would be!).The heat gun curved the foam nicely, but I definitely didn’t nail the pattern and hot glue application.


Afterwards, I coated the whole thing in gesso to protect it from spray paint, before spray painting the pauldrons white. I have to say, I’m definitely terrible at spray painting. I’m not a fan, too; I’m too impatient for its finicky wait times and steady application. But hey, in photos you can’t (reeally) tell.

I’ve also been making the little circle thing (port?) that protrudes from said pauldrons (are they even?). It’s actually been much more fun than I thought it’d be, and I’m excited to see how the bodysuit will look with 3D textures!


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