D.VA’s Gun 1

(Note: was meant to post this a while ago, so it’s pretty outdated)



I put it off for a while (a reeeeeeeeeally long while), but then all at once decided to just get on with it. I cobbled together a vague semblance of a few of the pieces using thin layered craft foam, but I just couldn’t look past how floppy the whole thing looked. I doubted a hundred layers of gesso would firm it up, so I finally relented and got myself a huge sheet of 5mm thick EVA foam.

First, though, I personally recommend cutting the foam using scissors. I got a foam cutter specifically for this purpose, but it dragged and left ragged edges, as did my exacto knife (and yes, I changed the blade to a fresh virgin one. Maybe I just suck at it?).

I scored the foam using the foam cutter. I formed the shape I wanted around the life-sized pattern of the gun I had drawn onto paper. I then used my trusty scissors to cut the shape out smoothly and cleanly (kind of). I figured that for now at least, this would save me from having to invest $90 in a hot knife.

So I have most of my gun pieces assembled now! It looks pretty decent so I’m happy with it so far, although cutting fat foam with scissors is perhaps the most painful thing in the world 😂

Ignore the scraps of foam on the carpet, I’m not too tidy when it comes to crafts

So now it’s time to paint the whole thing with gesso until I can muster the energy to create the remaining few fiddly pieces and paint them before sticking those on for completion.

I’m investing in a heat gun (with help from my boyfriend, thank you ♡) because I’m getting interested in worbla, and because apparently you can bend foam with it. Contrary to what other people say I hate learning new things, but it seems pretty worth it!


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