Jhin’s Mask 2

Working with all the pepakura pieces of Jhin’s mask is the fiddliest, most precise, most aggravating and hand-killing process ever.

This was how my first draft, roughly done using paper, looked:

The draft in all of its ugly, rushed glory.


That gave me a bit more confidence to actually get on to the real thing. It truly was awful, what with all the horrendous amounts of pieces I had to cut out painstakingly and fold along all those itty bitty lines. It was totally worth it though.



First layer of gesso.

I have to say though, it was pretty rewarding seeing the mask taking shape before my eyes. It’s really a beautifully constructed template, perfectly capturing the real mask’s sharp edges and rather cold atmosphere.

I’m thinking of what I’ll do once the mask has been finished on the outside. At first I figured I’d have to somehow very carefully scrape off the hot glue residue without slicing right through my hard work, and then perhaps use my old friend gesso to kind of hide the lines so the whole thing really looks like one piece rather than a billion poorly stuck together. However, I got a bit lazy (and absolutely terrified) cutting off the globules of hot glue I had so recklessly squeezed everywhere, and just gesso-ed (I swear that’s a word) over it after just a short amount of cleaning up. I feel like that’s going to bite me in the ass later, so I suppose I’ll cut some more off with my exacto knife after the gesso has dried.

Oh gosh, and then the sanding though. Will I have to do that too?? The mask is already super delicate; it’s going to be a lot of fun trying to sand but not squish the whole thing at the same time.

Speaking of. I already planned to put something like a lining on the underside of the mask so that it’s comfortable to wear, and won’t ruin the card with sweat or whatever. But maybe before I do that, I should line it with something to give it stability?

I have a few options:

  1. paper mâché (my phone autocorrects to that, I’m not that pedantic)
  2. well…

Yeah, I thought I had more ideas than that. I mean it could work, I would just have to be careful it doesn’t get too heavy. Or block off the nose. Or eyes.

On that note, I need to cut some nose holes in. And for the mouth area. I guarantee I’ll forget!

The big convention/expo in my area is happening in less than ten days. So, even if I had been planning to wear the D.VA costume there (which certainly was not happening), I’d be pretty short on time.

I can’t wear that costume out! People will talk about the game and I’ll be like oh yeah totally yeah sure all the guns and the knives and the BOOOM and the yeah I have no idea what I’m talking about seeya.

Also, seeya.


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