D.VA’s headphones 3

I finally decided I had done enough sanding and gesso (-ing?) to last me a lifetime, so I got together a whole bunch of relevant paint and got started.


First, I mixed together silver with white, with a tiny bit of black, for the main headphone part. I wanted it to look metallic, of course, but I guess that’s not happening. I’d rather it looked grey though, instead of a tacky cheap silver.


After two coats of this, I waited for it I dry and then put masking tape everywhere except where that sliver of black is on the sides. Then I mixed together black with white and went to town.

While waiting between the drying stages, I painted the pink sticky-out part (magenta + purple + white) and the yellow-orange thing (are you in awe of my vocab).

After everything was sufficiently painted I bought matte and gloss modge podge (no, I couldn’t decide) and proceeded to paint the gloss one over the grey pieces as a finish. I’ve got to say, though, it still feels tacky a day later and doesn’t look that great. Kind of cheap looking. Maybe I should’ve used the matte?


So I’m not that happy about how the gloss modge podge turned out (it looked okay on the pink and yellow pieces) but I suppose I’ll worry about that later.

I’m procrastinating a little with the bendy black thing that wraps around the whole construction (you can see a bit of it in the bottom left corner of the above photo as it hides from view – as it should) because it’s proving to be kind of difficult and fiddly, but I’m going to paint more gesso on it when I can bring myself to, and sand, and gesso, and sand …


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