D.VA’s headphones 2

I figured I should really hurry up with the headphones, so throughout the day I painted the pieces with gesso and proceeded to sand some more. I worked super hard, I swear.



A couple days later I really got to sanding more seriously, really wanting to get this done. Now I think I can just sand the pieces one last time (the larger ones, at least) and then start painting. Yay!

photo (2).JPG

For her gun I’m really considering just looking for actual, thick EVA foam. Paper mache is a good fall back and all, but it’s honestly way too time consuming (even for me – ha!), especially once you factor in cutting out multiple copies of the pieces (of varying sizes as I stack them), hot gluing he layers, trimming, then paper macheing…yeah. it was kinda fun but not something I’d wanna do again.


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