Jhin’s Mask 1

As I worked on his poncho, I was also working on Jhin’s mask. I had never tried paper macheing a balloon to make a mask before, so I thought I’d give that a go.

It was pretty time consuming, to say the least. The paper mache took forever to dry, and by the time I felt it was dry enough to pop the balloon the balloon itself had actually started to shrink in size, pulling the paper mache with it. But I digress.


After all that hard work, and cutting and trimming the mask into shape etc., I ditched the whole thing.

I apologise for the blurriness.

Look. Jhin’s mask is flat, not gently curved. It has sharp edges, which I could never replicate with paper mache alone. I should have realised this beforehand, but I think I was just hoping it would all work out. I’m pretty good at that.

But hey, at least I have a spare paper mache mask lying around if I ever need one.

So what have I decided on now? This time, I’m going to be trying pepakura. I found a Jhin mask template of sorts here. I printed it out onto plain A4 paper and am in the long and arduous process of assembling it so that I won’t mess up the real thing (which, big surprise, I haven’t decided how to make yet. Card? Card covered with foam??).

photo (1).JPG
RIP beautiful, barely finished monstrosity.

The pepakura version definitely looks much better already, but I’m having my doubts about how well it’ll translate into the real thing.

Look at all the numbers!!!



You can see the parts where I simply gave up on the gluestick and just roughly taped down wherever was necessary. It’s quite funny, you can almost see where I give up on life a bit ahah.


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