D.VA’s headphones

Ah, D.VA’s headphones. I honestly didn’t know where to begin, but I had heard a ton about EVA foam and decided if there was ever a time to try it, it was now. So I grabbed like 3 packs of craft foam from the dollar store and set to work cutting out pieces of the headphone and stacking them on top of each other.

Shockingly, this was also the first time I worked with a hot glue gun (unless you count when I was eight years old at primary school). For some reason this tool had always intimidated me – I mean, I get super glue on the pads of my fingers all the damn time. I can’t trust myself with burning hot glue!

But I eventually succumbed and went out to get a small, low heat hot glue gun at my local Spotlight store. It’s pink and kinda really cute.

I also did not know how quickly these guns gobble up glue, and so the two glue sticks that came with the gun were gone in like 10 minutes I swear. Being the idiot I am, I decided something was wrong with my gun (now I’ve figured out the reason the hot glue failed to come out was because I’m meant to continuously stick the next one behind it – I think) and went out to get ANOTHER one, this time in a classy black, and a 50 pack of hot glue sticks.

Oh yeah, and I did end up getting hot glue on my fingers many times, but luckily it was more of a ‘pleasantly warm’ than a ‘FAAAARRRK’.

Firstly, though, I cut out the rough shape of the headphone pieces (specifically the part that covers the ears) a



I hot glued the layers together, then some time later went out and got a nice, sharp E-Xacto blade. Sadly, it did a very poor job of cutting the foam; I would, however, highly recommend it if you’re aiming for the highly sought-after ‘idk what I’m doing’ look, complete with ragged edges and uneven everything.


Me seeing how it would look together. Not that great.

So now I was stuck once more, but i absolutely refused to start from scratch with a different method. Not yet, anyway; this had taken like a week!! (And plenty of procrastination)

Thus, the only logical solution was my good friend the paper mache. I began paper macheing that shit. I paper mached it hard.

Cue more long, arduous, unnecessary work.

Not stuck together – again, just put on top of each other to see how it would look.

Days pass. No end is in sight.

I eventually decide it’s good enough and start to paint over the pieces with gesso. I did about 4 layers before thinking I should probably sand down the lumps before continuing, so I do that to my two main pieces with the lowest grit I have (still not sure if that was the best idea) and paint on another layer of gesso.

And that just about summarises my journey so far with my two main costumes. I am at a standstill with Jhin’s poncho due to the fear of ruining expensive fabric, unable to continue with his mask due to sheer laziness, and unwilling to sand the other smaller pieces for D.VA’s headphones.

But hey, these are for next year’s expo. I’ve got the time!


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