Jhin’s Poncho


Jhin’s poncho is, in my opinion, a nightmare. Sure, his mask is the work of the devil (god that mask) but that’s a whole other story.

First, he has a humongous bulk on his right shoulder (we’ll get to that later; it’s a part of his gun). Second, HE HAS A HUMONGOUS BULK ON HIS RIGHT SHOULDER.

So when I’m cutting and trimming my merry way along the poncho-to-be, I have to be acutely aware to leave enough space and make sure the right side would look right once it’s all pushed up and bunched up like that. And that’s not easy for me!!! (I mean, it’s probably a different story for someone who actually measures stuff.)

But I just can’t get the shape right. Ugh. So my poor boyfriend has to keep getting up to try it on, I mark the fabric, let him lie back down, get him to stand up again and try it on…etc.

Speaking of the fabric though. It was so hard finding the perfect ivory shade I wanted, and all the fabric was too thin and floppy for my liking. I have no idea how well this will turn out, but I decided to use furnishing fabric instead. It’s heavy, stiff and ivory in colour (the one I got, anyway). And it was flipping expensive! So if it turns out to be a complete flop, that was one expensive mistake I won’t be making again.

So back to the actual poncho. I used scrap fabric first to make a small version to see how well it would work out before doing it on the actual fabric. I essentially made a rectangle of sorts, folded it, and cut a circle in the middle of the fold. Open it up and voila – the ugliest poncho ever!

Then came the hard part – cutting it into shape. It was so stressful; so stressful, in fact, that weeks on as of last Sunday I only just finally cut out the rough shape I want after putting it off, making wimpy small trims here and there, etcetera. I’m truly terrified of cutting out too much.


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